Do you need a Cardiovascular Specialist or Cardiologist?

14 Mar, 20

Do you need a Cardiovascular Specialist or Cardiologist?

It is no secret that cardiovascular diseases are the number one killer across the globe. In India, the cases of people with heart diseases are on a rapid rise. The main risk factors are unhealthy and poor diet, lack of physical activity, consumption of tobacco, and harmful use of alcohol.
On a larger scale poverty, globalisation, stress, urbanization, and an increase in life expectancy contribute to heart ailments. The ideal way to access the cardiovascular system is to meet a cardiologist, who will help you manage and lower the risk.
At least, this is what we do, but there is a difference between a cardiologist and a cardiovascular specialist. Zivanza sets the facts straight on this conundrum and a second opinion will help you concur with the evaluation of a cardiologist and cardiovascular specialist.

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