Medical Treatment Abroad

Medical Treatment Abroad

Medical Treatment Abroad

Medical Care Abroad to physically traveling to another country from your home country for medical care to access the best and most appropriate medical care for you or medical care which is not available in your home country for your specific medical condition.

How it works?

  • The patient or family members consult with the inhouse experts of Zivanza on the medical condition.
  • The patient or family members provide relevant medical records including the current treatment plan to the Zivanza specialists.
  • Zivanza experts shortlist the three best and most appropriate quaternary care institutions and respective super specialists for the given medical condition and share the options with the patient or family out of which one quaternary care institution will be selected to do a review of your current treatment plan.
  • Based on the option selected by the patient or family, Zivanza expert will organize the quaternary care institution to present a treatment plan and estimated cost for the proposed treatment plan.
  • Zivanza will then send you the proforma invoice and payment link to you by email and payment will have to be done by you or family members to make all arrangements for your treatment in the quaternary care where Zivanza and you have mutually agreed to take forward your treatment plan.
  • Zivanza will handhold you through the entire process of your medical treatment abroad.
  • Zivanza follows fully transparent pricing for services availed through Zivanza.
  • Zivanza does not charge any fees for initial consultation with Zivanza team and by Zivanza specialists and until a service with a quaternary care institution is confirmed by the patient or family member.
  • Zivanza fees for services rendered will be a fixed percentage of the invoice raised by the Quaternary Care Institution with a minimum fee.


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