Brand philosophy

We at Zivanza truly believe that life is the greatest gift and make preserving and nurturing it our utmost priority.

Our brand philosophy permeates from the above thought and can be elaborated further as:

  • Compassion: We believe in having a human-to-human approach than having a doctor-patient relationship. An approach that considers the emotional & mental state of the patient and not just the physical one.
  • Integrity: A treatment process defined by a patient-first approach that does not lay unnecessary pressure on the physical, mental & financial state of the patient.
  • Teamwork: Collaboration with different departments, physicians, specialists and with other providers to deliver comprehensive, integrated and quality health care.
  • Employee Well-being: Key focus on the physical, emotional and economic well-being of employees.
  • Supportive work environment: Seamless communication between various departments, (be it Oncology, Fertility, Gastroenterology or Cardiology) that not only brings the team together but also provides the best treatment approach to the patient which otherwise would not be possible in isolation.
  • Leadership: Be a leading entity in the field of global healthcare
  • Excellence: An organization that provides access to the world’s best specialists & infrastructure in all medical departments with a ‘patient-first’ approach.


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