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Conventional healthcare services, while they try and provide diagnosis & treatments for all diseases, usually gain popularity in one or two departments, be it due to excellent specialists, infrastructure, a combination of both or other factors.

Zivanza Wellness focuses on bringing leading specialists together under one roof, be it Oncology, Fertility, Gastroenterology or Cardiology. A one-stop solutions for ailments that are developing and can be life-threatening if not kept in check.

The logo depicts just that. If you notice, a lifeline runs from A-Z in the logo that denotes:

  • Connecting patients to healthcare experts across the globe
  • Covering the A-Z of healthcare from initial consultation to complex treatments
  • Covering the entire range of ailments known to mankind with the best specialists & infrastructure

The Zivanza Gold colour provides a soothing & calming effect & is an extension of the brand personality. The colour, at the same time, also brings out a global appeal as the brand intends to cater to patients across the world.


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