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25 Sep, 23

When should you start marriage counseling?

Marriage is a big adventure, but sometimes challenges come along that can shake things up. That's where marriage counseling comes in – like a helper for couples. It's a place where you can talk and figure things out together.

So, when is a good time to start marriage counseling? We're here to help you understand the signs and reasons.

Let's dive in and find out more about when to give it a try!

What is marriage counseling?

Marriage counseling, or couples therapy, is when partners seek outside help to address and resolve conflicts in their relationship, typically from a licensed mental health provider.

The primary goal of couples therapy is to assist couples in understanding and navigating the challenges they face in their relationship. It also helps improve communication and strengthen the relationship.

Marriage counseling can benefit couples at various stages of their relationship— whether you're in a new relationship or have been in one for years. Some couples even go to premarital counseling to learn communication skills and how to solve possible problems.

When should you start marriage counseling?

Deciding when to start marriage counseling can vary depending on the specific circumstances and challenges within a relationship.

However, certain signs and situations may indicate it's a good time to consider seeking counseling:

  • Lack of physical or emotional intimacy: If emotional or physical intimacy has significantly diminished in your relationship, counseling can help you address the factors contributing to this and work on rebuilding closeness

  • Lack of Connection: When you feel disconnected from your partner emotionally, physically, or mentally, counseling can help you explore ways to reconnect and strengthen your bond.

  • You struggle to communicate: If you find yourselves consistently arguing, having difficulty understanding each other, or feeling like your conversations are unproductive and hurtful, marriage counseling can help improve your communication skills.

  • Trust issues: Whether due to infidelity, breaches of trust, or other reasons, if trust has been damaged in the relationship, counseling can aid in rebuilding trust and healing.

  • Major life transitions: Major life changes like having children, the death of a loved one, or dealing with career shifts can strain your marriage. Marriage counseling offers support for couples as they navigate these shifts and adapt to new roles and duties.

  • Addiction problems: Struggles with addiction, whether to substances like drugs or alcohol or compulsive behaviors like gambling, can heavily impact a relationship. Working with a marriage counselor can facilitate open and sincere conversations.

  • Parenting differences: If you and your partner have differing parenting styles or conflicts related to raising children, counseling can provide strategies for effective co-parenting.

Does marriage counseling really help?

Yes, marriage counseling can be highly effective and beneficial for many couples.

Good communication, honesty, and trust are essential for a healthy relationship. Through marriage counseling, you can work towards rekindling or establishing these crucial elements.

Marriage counseling can:

  • Help communicate better Enhance intimacy and connection Rebuild trust Strengthen emotional bond Increase cooperation Resolve conflicts

  • Ultimately, marriage counseling allows couples to invest in their relationship's well-being and take proactive steps toward creating a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling partnership.

What is the success rate of marriage counseling?

Marriage counseling has a success rate of approximately 75%, as reported by the American Psychological Association.

Those in abusive relationships and those already in the process of separating make up a significant portion of the remaining 25%.

Many couples report positive outcomes from marriage counseling, including improved communication, better conflict resolution skills, increased emotional intimacy, and overall relationship satisfaction. According to them, marriage counseling has strengthened and even saved marriages.

What qualities to look for in a marriage counselor?

When seeking marriage counseling, it's essential to find a counselor with specialized training in couples therapy or marriage counseling, such as a licensed marriage and family therapist, psychologist, or couples therapist.

At Zivanza, we have expert counselors Prof. Sreehari. R with experience in working with couples. They will try to make you and your partner comfortable and help you build a harmonious and fulfilling relationship.

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