couple therapy and its importance

05 Jul, 23

Importance of Couple Therapy

Relationships are complex and have dynamics difficult to understand. And when it comes to a relationship between a couple, things may turn even more intricate at times! Expert advice or some sort of counseling in the form of 'Couple Therapy' can certainly help on this front. If you want to ask, “How marriage counseling in Dubai works?”

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What is couple therapy?

Couple therapy is a type of psychotherapy that focuses on providing assistance to couples in need. Couple counseling, also known as conflict resolution, identifies, addresses, and improves relationships through the use of a variety of therapeutic interventions. This type of therapy is beneficial for relationships at any stage, regardless of marital status, age, or race.

Furthermore, it can effectively address a wide range of issues that a couple may face, such as communication problems, feelings of disconnection, infidelity, in-laws, chronic health issues, infertility, anger and abuse, parenting, emotional distance, and/or challenges caused by external stressors, among others.


 There are no two relationships alike, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to marriage. Also, good communication is an essential component of healthy relationships. Couples must make time for one another as well as for themselves as individuals.

What are the different types of couple therapy?

  • Psychodynamic couple therapy - It aims to help couples understand each other by exploring the underlying hopes and fears that motivate them.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) - CBT entails identifying and addressing negative thought patterns that influence behavior.
  • Behavioral therapy - It focuses on reinforcing positive behaviors that promote relationship stability and satisfaction.
  • Emotionally focused therapy (EFT) - This therapy addresses feelings of disconnection while also improving emotional attachment and bonding.
  • Ellen Wachtel's approach - This approach aims at the positive aspects of a relationship as well as self-reflection rather than blaming a partner.
  • Gottman method - This method is used to teach couples problem-solving skills that promote open communication, conflict resolution, friendship, and intimacy in their relationships.

What sort of couples should seek couple therapy sessions?

It is beneficial to couples in any type of relationship, including:

  • Couples who are dating, engaged, or married
  • Couples who are otherwise happy but feel stuck in their relationships
  • Interracial couples
  • Young teen or college relationships
  • Relationships with a large age difference
  • Couples who are experiencing anger or resentment, constant arguments, and fighting, waning chemistry, poor communication, broken trust, commitment concerns, lifestyle or value differences.

What benefits can you derive from couple therapy?

Here are some of the advantages of seeking marriage counseling:

  • It allows you to be more emotionally expressive, and you can share with your partner your feelings, hopes, fears, priorities, values, and beliefs easier than ever before
  • It allows you to identify root causes that are causing recurring conflicts, lack of trust, and disconnection in your relationship.
  • It improves your communication skills so you can talk about your emotions or issues without blaming your partner.
  • It strengthens the couple's friendship, attachment, and intimacy.
  • It helps identify and eliminate dysfunctional behavior.
  • It's a short-term form of therapy, unlike other traditional mental and emotional therapies.
  • It provides the couple with skills to help prevent and manage conflicts.
  • It improves the overall quality of a relationship.

What can you expect in a ‘couple therapy’ or marriage counseling in Dubai at Zivanza?

Couples therapy consists of several sessions. The initial sessions may include an investigation into the history of a relationship as well as the couple's family, values, and culture. Following the initial assessment, issues or conflicts are identified, which aid in the establishment of treatment goals. Our couple therapist or marriage counselor at Zivanza develops a treatment structure for each therapeutic session based on them.

During treatment, our therapist takes on the following responsibilities:

  • Assists the couple in gaining insight into the relational dynamics that lead to conflict.
  • Guides both partners in identifying behaviors or roles in dysfunctional interactions.
  • Alters the couple's perception of their relationship and each other.
  • Assists them in changing their behaviors.
  • Enables them to handle their day-to-day interactions rationally by teaching them the necessary skills.

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