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11 Nov, 22

How To Find The Best Child Psychologist In Dubai?

Does your child remain gloomy all day? Doesn’t he/she answer your call? Does he/she show obscene actions (non-expected in their age)?

If you see any of these symptoms in your kid, then you must consider consulting a child psychologist.


Why do children need psychologists for help?


Children also suffer from mental, emotional, or physical traumas that may send them to a dormant psychological phase in which they feel low, useless, disappointed, irritable and gloomy all day.

Some hyperactive children may also become reactive and start indecent, immoral, erotic, and aggressive behaviour with their parents, teachers, and peers.

Children are very receptive to their environment, and their subconscious mind is always active. The following incidents can alter their state of mind and way of thinking and push them to the psychologically recessive stage.


  • Fights among parents

  • Quarreling siblings or peers

  • Bullying by friends

  • Negative remarks from parents and teachers

  • And child abuse


The above incidents and many others may leave permanent imprints on their tender minds, and they start behaving differently. 

Parents' awareness can be very effective in providing them with timely treatment.

Parents must consult a child psychologist in Dubai upon seeing the following signs and symptoms.


  • A gloomy and quiet child

  • Withdrawal from playtime

  • Afraid of socializing 

  • Poor academic performance

  • Not answering calls

  • Irritable Child


Children may also become hyperactive and show the following signs


  • Aggressive behaviour

  • Change in actions 

  • Becoming sexually active at a very young age

  • Possessing sharp objects, drug abuse

  • Warning parents of committing suicide


How to find out the best psychologist in Dubai?


There is no rule of thumb to finding the best psychologist for your child. Still, you can consider the following tips for the best treatment for your child.

  • Ask for referrals- Your pediatrician doctor, upon seeing the symptoms, might refer your child to a known and trustworthy child psychologist in Dubai. 

Also, connect with a close friend, colleague, or family member whom you know consulted a child psychologist and benefitted from the treatment.

  • Do your own research- Today, almost all doctors have an online profile that will convey to you all details about their qualifications, experience, specialization, case reviews, and important insights about the concerned field.

Browse online “the best child psychologist in Dubai” and choose the best suitable psychologist for your child.

  • Check online reviews- Online reviews work like an asset for you who had treatment from the doctor and are posting their experience. While checking the reviews, search for optimistic points about the doctor, such as specialization, behavior, and treatment methodology that distinguish your child’s psychologist from the rest.

  • Leave a query on the helpdesk- Reach out to the query section of the doctor’s website and ask about genuine queries. Sometimes, the prompt actions and quality of answers you expect can also help to filter down your search process.


Consulting a child psychologist may bring tonnes of questions to your mind, but you will be surprised that many parents have found improvement in their child in just a few consultations and therapies with our psychiatrist. 

Parents can rest assured to seek quality treatment of their child in a non-judgemental environment, with intact privacy. Our psychologists are highly educated and experienced professionals providing apt treatment and therapies to your child for their best.

Book an appointment with Zivanza  and connect with our child psychologist in Dubai now!

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