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Change your life! Ways to overcome depression

There isn’t a quick fix for depression as in “Boom, you’re cured and suddenly you will not experience depression symptoms.”  Treatment of depression is a process and many times people who have depression symptoms Anxiety therapist Dubai, come out of it learning valuable life lessons and fresh perspectives. As they say, “Only when you hit rock bottom is when you understand that you can swim back to the top.” To fight depression, you first need to understand it from different perspectives.

Depression means- a medical perspective

When discussing the biology of depression, we talk about the role of the HPA - axis, and serotonin. When we are stressed, our body releases adrenaline and cortisol, also known as the stress hormones. These hormones regulate the hypothalamic-pituitary axis. If a person experiences chronic and repeated stress, this axis is disturbed which in turn lowers central serotonin activity.

Normal serotonin levels in the brain are associated with a sense of well-being, a sense of joy, and deriving pleasure from activities. If serotonin levels go down, a person stops feeling these things. The goal of treatment for depression is to bring back serotonin activity to normal levels. This can be done through medications, therapy, and lifestyle changes. Lifestyle changes that lower your stress levels like yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, and self-care activities are an important part of feeling better.

Depression means- a psychological perspective

Characteristic depression symptoms are the thoughts of hopelessness, helplessness, and worthlessness. Depression causes thoughts like - ``I am not good enough and I cannot do anything right.” “No matter how hard I try, things cannot get better.” “The world is meaningless.” People with depression are constantly fighting these thoughts. They are at times sucked into the spiral of overthinking and painful memories (say, of a romantic rejection or failed business enterprise), these can tip them into emotional despair. They get stuck in this loop and it is not possible to simply “snap out” of this loop. Depression causes psychological myopia one needs to systematically learn to identify depressive thoughts and question these thoughts- Ask - How did I conclude this? Is there an alternative explanation?   Construct a list of the wonderful attributes you have. Ask family, and friends to email a list of positive qualities they value in you. Compile it, print it, and keep it with you and keep repeating them when the ‘toxic wheel of self-hating talk’ begins. No one is all bad and there's always a way out. Talking back to these negative thoughts of depression is hard work and truly the key to fighting depression.

Depression Meaning- a behavioral perspective

There are many behavioral depression signs. People with depression start isolating.  They feel tired and previously enjoyable things don't bring joy. The only place he or she wants to be is in bed, preferably under the covers with the shades drawn. Another depression sign is spending a lot of time in mind-numbing activities like video games, scrolling social media, substances, emotional eating, or oversleeping to escape their thoughts. Here it is important to start step by step, including small activities that will bring joy into your life - getting ready and taking a walk may appear to be difficult, but once you do it you will feel a lot better. Spending time in nature, taking walks or doing physical activity, spending time with pets, or doing a hobby are all simple ways to bring back the motivation to do other things.


Please note: Depression is a diagnosable and treatable condition. There’s no reason to suffer in silence with depression symptoms or to guess whether or not what you’re feeling qualifies as depression. A psychiatric hospital Dubaior psychologist can help you to get better. If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, or someone you love is in danger, we strongly suggest that you reach out to a qualified mental health professional.

In case you already are seeing the Best psychiatrist in Dubai, at Zivanza, we also provide a Second opinion for Psychiatry that help you to learn more about your mental illness, treatment, and possible alternative treatments. A second opinion for Psychiatry may provide you with some additional information to support you in treatment decisions.

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